January 2023 Newsletter

The Federal, State, and Territory governments fail to completely fund public schools, prolonging the funding gap between government and non-government education. We encourage Australian governments to immediately fund a fully supported government school system that gives our children the best education.
We have seen that the cost of schooling is beginning to have an influence on the alternatives accessible to young people and is putting a considerable strain on the family budget.
Susan was ACSSO's first executive officer, Labor's first female senator in the ACT, and Australia's first Age Discrimination Commissioner. What is Family engagement?
The Productivity Commission's review of the National Schools Reform Agreement (NSRA) has been released. The Australian Council of State School Organisations (ACSSO) is urging the Federal Government to deliver on their election commitment of establishing a pathway to 100% Schooling Resource Standard (SRS) funding for government schools. Every government school kid in Australia is currently losing out on an average of $1,800 in funding per year.
Myfuture career information service will be introduced/refreshed in this webinar. The presenter will show how the platform may help your kid plan a career and transition by identifying appropriate resources. Myfuture's psychometric career interest test (My career profile), profession and course information, videos, pathway infographics, and materials aligned to the Australian Curriculum Work Studies sub-strands will be referenced. Attendees will gain confidence to help their children explore careers in this webinar.
ACSSO is proud to support Nutrition Australia, a non-profit organisation that works to reduce the economic, social, and health impacts of nutrition-related diseases in Australia by developing and implementing nutrition education programmes, presentations, publications, resources, and awareness campaigns.
For good reason, how to foster resilience in your child is a hot issue in education and health right now.



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