Online safety

Safely navigating social media: Think U Know

Part of any parenting role is giving our children a sense of self and the confidence and skills to manage situations that may not always be in our control. With the growing use of a variety of social media platforms it is a constant challenge to keep up with new developments. The long established ThinkUKnow programme offers a website full of information, and the opportunity to book a presentation for your school community to learn first-hand as to how your family can safely negotiate the challenges that social media can present.

Internet Safety for Kids - Guide for Parents

"Parenting now is a whole different ballgame. Some of the most insidious, intrusive, harmful entities live on the inside of that door - and in the case of cell phones (which our kids are using younger and younger every year), right in our children's hands.

What's a parent to do? Cyber technology is hardly optional anymore - in fact, in 2015 the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) went so far as to classify the Internet as a utility, like electricity and water, as opposed to a luxury".

Words can hurt, Words can be changed: Reword App launched

Reword - a new online anti-bullying tool that works as a plug in app in a similar way to spellcheck across a range of devices and platforms. It gives a real-time prompt, with a red line, that allows the user to reconsider their choice words or phrases that might give cause for concern - and to inform their future usage. Read the media release for more information or Download app

How to protect your children on their smartphones

For many parents, the convenience of knowing where their kids are at all times is more than enough to warrant the price of a smart phone. In fact, a solid 90% of children under the age of 16 in the UK have a mobile. But as with anything else, smart phones come with both their pros and their cons, and when you’re talking about kids, the issue gets even trickier.

Online safety videos

Protecting children and youth online presentation

Get the facts: How might your child's data be used online


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