Just getting by or getting ahead? Join The Smith Family for a special webinar event!

July 2023

Webinar August 30, 2023

The post-school transition into work and further study has always been a critical time for young people, and particularly challenging for those experiencing disadvantage. The COVID-19 pandemic and the significant and ongoing economic and social upheaval have further complicated the transition of young people who recently finished school.

The Smith Family’s experts will discuss new, nationally unique Australian research and offer insights into what the research tells us about the post-school pathways of 1,000 young people experiencing disadvantage, during the two years since they left school in 2020.

The research tells a story of young people trying hard to get ahead through participating in work and study, as well as the barriers impacting their progress. It makes recommendations on how young people experiencing disadvantage could be better supported, with many sectors having a role to play. The broader national picture for all young people will also be explored.

The student speaker will give a first-hand insight into what happens post-school.

Come along to explore this topic with us and ask the speakers questions.




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