The Susan Ryan Family Engagement Award Recognises Exceptional Efforts in Promoting Student Success

The Susan Ryan Family Engagement Award, now in its second year, continues to spotlight outstanding achievements in family engagement within government schools and communities across Australia. Named in honour of the late Susan Ryan, a passionate advocate for family engagement and former Australian politician, this prestigious award celebrates government schools and communities that have successfully integrated family involvement as a crucial element in fostering student success.

Nominations for the Susan Ryan Family Engagement Award, closing on 31st August, provide government schools and communities a platform to showcase their exceptional practices in engaging families. Judges will carefully review and evaluate the nominations, considering the family engagement initiatives' effectiveness, creativity, and impact.

The pinnacle of this recognition program will be the highly anticipated award ceremony, scheduled to take place on September 15 in Sydney. The event will bring together educators, community leaders, and stakeholders from all corners of the nation to celebrate the accomplishments of the deserving winners and share their inspiring stories with a broader audience. This will also be an opportunity to showcase innovative strategies and approaches that successfully integrate family engagement into student achievement.

The Australian Council of State School Organisations (ACSSO) is the driving force behind the Susan Ryan Family Engagement Award. Their partnership with the Australian Secondary Principal's Association further underscores the collaborative efforts and support from educational leaders nationwide. This sponsorship exemplifies the widespread recognition of the importance of family engagement in nurturing positive student outcomes.

The Susan Ryan Family Engagement Award provides a significant platform to honour government schools and communities that have excelled in making family engagement an integral part of their practices. By celebrating their achievements and sharing their stories, this award program seeks to inspire and encourage others to prioritise and invest in family engagement as a vital catalyst for student achievement and overall success.

For those interested in learning more about the nomination criteria and process, visit the Susan Ryan Award Page.

Through the Susan Ryan Family Engagement Award, Australia takes another step forward in cultivating a culture of collaboration and support between schools, families, and communities - a foundation for a brighter future for its students.


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