Our relationships

ACSSO provides support to ACARA through stakeholder feedback in all areas of development

ACSSO works with AITSL to support the professional development of teachers and school leaders in the area of engaging with families and community

ACSSO in partnerships Ford Australia are delivering the Ford Safe Driving Skills for Life project across Australia. More information on our partnerships with Ford Australia is provided on our Driving skills for Life project page

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ACSSO is our foundation member of The Parenthood. Together through social media and meetings, we advocate for access and opportunities for children and young people

ACSSO is a supporter of the Australian Learning Lectures. Working with the Koshland Innovation Foundation. Read a case study

ACSSO collaborates with ARACY in the area of parent engagement and provides expertise expertise to their Parent Reference Group

ACSSO is building a strong relationship with Catholic School Parents Australia to improve network opportunities in the interest of all young people in our schools across Australia

ACSSO actively supports the Public Education Foundation through sponsorship of their awards evening and awareness raising of the valuable work currently being conducted

ACSSO is a proud member of the of the AESA. We actively work together to advocate sustainability education in schools

ACSSO works with Reconciliation Australia and supports their ambition to enable all Australians to contribute to the reconciliation of the nation and their vision of reconciliation based on five inter-related dimensions: race relations, equality and equity, unity, institutional integrity and historical acceptance.

ACSSO collaborates with APC improve network opportunities in the interest of all young people in our schools across Australia.

ACSSO also works in collaboration with Secondary Principals Council; the Australian Government Primary Principals Association, the Australian Primary Principals Association; Children with Disability Association, Early Childhood Australia and Australian Council Early Childhood and Quality Assurance (ACECQA), Australian Parents Council and their affiliates and Isolated Children’s Parents Association. We meet (face to face; telephone or email) regularly with these groups.

In addition to those mentioned ACSSO continues to represent parents and community in many forums.

ACSSO continues to work closely with;

  • ACARA; regularly taking part in the ACARA stakeholder forums; making submissions and commenting on documents.
  • NSW Department of Education through the issues of the state P&C body by providing (on request) a representative to a number of panels. ACSSO has also provided information sessions regarding National issues to a number of “regional” P&C meetings in NSW.

ACSSO CEO manages the Family-School and Community Partnerships Bureau. ACSSO continues its role on the governance committee of the Family-School Community Partnerships Bureau, working to ensure the strategies and objectives of the Bureau are realised.

ACSSO has participated in the Safe Schools Coalition dinner workshop and symposium and is a key supporter of the Need to Succeed Alliance: Sydney and Victorian symposium

ACSSO continues to support and promote:

  • National Walk Safely to School Day
  • Bullying No Way – Anti Bullying campaign
  • National Sorry Day
  • Australian Education for Sustainability Alliance
  • Anti- Poverty week
  • National Day of Reading

ACSSO continues to reflect on its own performance and workings in order to improve the way it supports and delivers the message of parents in public schools

Volunteer time continues to be an issue for greater participation in activities and we acknowledge the importance of reaching out to the wider parent pool in order to ensure when requested by government, department, stakeholders and media that we are able to respond appropriately, timely and effectively.

ACSSO has continued the review of its strategic plan to ensure it is aligned with current key education priorities and issues.




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