Save Our Schools - Educational Research Briefs

SOS Education Policy Brief September 2023 Fully Funding Private Schools is No Solution to Inequity in Education

SOS Education Research Brief September 2023 The Fallacy of the Genetic Determination of Inherent Cognitive Abilities

SOS Education Policy Comment April 2023 A Golden Age of Tax Concessions for the Rich

SOS Education Policy Comment March 2023 50 Wealthy Private Schools Raked In Over $600 Million in Donations & Investment Income

SOS Education Policy Comment March 2023 Wealthy WA Private Schools Rake in Millions in Donations

SOS Education Policy Comment February 2023 Wealthy NSW Private Schools Rake in Millions in Donations & Investment Income

SOS Education Policy Comment February 2023 Wealthy Victorian Private Schools Rake in Millions in Donations

SOS Education Policy Comment February 2023 Private Schools Had the Biggest Funding Increases and the Biggest Falls in School Results

SOS Education Research Paper January 2023 Government Funding Failures Have Stoked Shocking Inequity in NSW School Outcomes

SOS Education Policy Comment January 2023 Labor Kicks the Public School Funding Can Down the Road

Items of Interest, Research and Links

Free Financial Life Skills Resource for Students from The Wealth Academy

Financial wellbeing has never been more important for many Australian families.

Our developing collaboration with The Wealth Academy (TWA) will see Australian public schools receiving many free financial life skill resources during 2021. TWA's e-zine Teenfinca (teenage financial capability) is available for download here. The e-zine prompts middle and secondary students to start thinking about their financial future and encourages parents to have financial life skill conversations with their children. Click here for more information

The Big Five Executive Functions - Andrew Fuller

There are five skills that reliably predict success for children & teens. These skills put us in the ‘driver’s seat’ of life rather than being a passenger directed by others & are collectively known as ‘executive functions’.-says Andrew Fuller - Read the full article here

ATO Paying it forward teaching resource, K-6 - The Paying It Forward resource has been co-designed with primary school teachers, is aligned with the Australian and state curriculums, and includes 120 fun and engaging standalone activities for K-6 students in digital and printable formats.

Coronavirus Covid -19 Information and Links for Parents

Our ACSSO Director Sarah Jefferson shares 5 back to school tips: Please follow this link

ACER Review: Communicating Student Learning Progress - A Review of Student Reporting

Our ACSSO Director Fiona McGaughey contributed to the recent ACARA Blog with a parents view on Naplan

Parent-School Engagement during Family Separation or Divorce Research - by University of Southern Queensland - click here for parent information

Public School by Choice! - by the ACSSO team. We visited a local public school and chatted with the parents of these gorgeous little kindy's, a group of friends who met when they were babies. They told us why they chose their local public school -click here

Why are we throwing money at people who CHOOSE not to use public education? Why Indeed!



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