From the President's Desk

Delta strain ramps up impact on our school communities

Well, we had hoped to be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel by now, in terms of Covid-19 disrupting our lives. Sadly, that is not the case as the Delta outbreak continues to increase in severity in NSW. The spread to extremely vulnerable indigenous communities in more remote parts of NSW is gravely concerning and highlights once again the health inequities in our country.

As I write, Victoria and the ACT are continuing their lockdowns while the NT and South Australia have cautiously emerged from 'short, sharp' periods of restrictions.

Queensland is lifting some restrictions today but remains on high alert for the Delta virus invading again from the south. This follows the Sunshine State's recent containment of a significant Delta outbreak which - worryingly - spread via several Brisbane school populations. Thousands of families were identified for strict stay-at-home quarantine orders based on the schools their children attended, earning them the Queensland nickname of 'Lockdown Legends' for their role in containing the spread. That state's experience is particularly relevant for all of us who are close to schools and school-aged children.