From the President's Desk

Despite everything, there's much to celebrate


With only a short time left in Term 4, 2020, many will be breathing a sigh of relief that the school’s year is coming to a close.
This end of school year is looking quite different - many of the celebrations with presentation days on Zoom, Facebook Live or other such platforms, incursions instead of excursions and concerts being either to small audiences or viewed online. Still we have much to celebrate!

We are grateful for you
I want to start by thanking all our parents and carers for your fantastic support over the last year. I am particularly grateful for everything that you have done to support your children with learning from home. I know how difficult it is to juggle working from home with supporting your own children with their schooling, and this is of course in addition to dealing with all of the normal challenges of family life.
ACSSO has also received a number of messages of thanks and support for the information provided on our Australian Families at Home web page; these messages of thanks are gratefully received. Thank you.

Vulnerable children's education hit hardest
The COVID-19 pandemic, as we are well aware, is not stopped at national borders. It affects everyone regardless of nationality, level of education, income, or gender. But it does not affect everyone equally, and its consequences have hit the most vulnerable families hardest.
Education is no exception. A common theme in ACSSO’s COVID-19 family survey was the expression of ongoing inequity in our school communities, particularly in terms of computing devices and connectivity during remote learning.
Students from privileged backgrounds, supported by their families, could find their way past closed school doors to alternative learning opportunities. Those from disadvantaged backgrounds often remained shut out when their schools shut down.