From the President's Desk

Keep engaging families, no matter what

'New normal' excludes families

It’s hard to believe that we are at the end of Term 1 already. This year has continued with a degree of disruption with lockdowns and border closures happening sporadically as coronavirus continues to circulate within our communities. School communities continue to follow advice of the jurisdictional health advice and we urge families to stay safe.

What is concerning to us is that this 'new normal' frequently excludes parents from participating in many aspects of school life. It is imperative that schools don't accept the absence of parents in school life, but rather find alternate ways to engage their families.

What is even more concerning is that while many restrictions are being lifted or easing, it has been reported to ACSSO that some schools have found it “easier” to continue restricting access to schools by families.

While some schools may believe it's more efficient to remove all but students and staff from school life, all the research says that in the long term this will have a detrimental effect on student outcomes.

In the end, family engagement helps the whole school. If you're looking for other ways to keep families involved in your school during movement restrictions, get in touch on