Healthy Lunchbox Week

January 2023

Nutrition Australia, a non-government, not-for-profit organisation, makes a significant contribution to reducing the economic, social, and health impacts of nutrition-related diseases in Australia by developing and implementing nutrition education programmes, presentations, publications, resources, and awareness campaigns.

Nutrition Australia's Nutritious Lunchbox Week seeks to motivate Australian families to pack healthy and fun lunches.

Did you realise that youngsters eat around 30% of their regular food consumption at school? The majority of this is due to the contents of their lunchbox. What youngsters consume throughout the school day has a significant impact on their learning and development.

Healthy Lunchbox Week assists families in preparing good lunchboxes by

  • inspiring healthy lunchbox ideas and recipes,
  • informing a healthy lunchbox balance across basic food categories,
  • and raising awareness of lunchbox food cleanliness and safety.

Lunchbox food has a significant impact on children's capacity to focus, study, and play.





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