Helping young people take their next steps

Supporting school leavers to figure out their next steps after school is the National Careers Institute’s (NCI) SLIK, or School Leavers Information Kit and its dedicated contact centre, the School Leavers Information Service.


The SLIK has been especially developed to help school leavers with their education, training and work options. It provides:

  • information and support to help with decisions about post-school career pathways
  • information on work and education options such as university, vocational education and training (including apprenticeships and traineeships), volunteering and community service
  • tips and resources to help apply for jobs, and
  • resources outlining government financial support and subsidies available.

The SLIK is supported by a the Parents and Guardian’s Guide for School Leavers to help start careers conversations at home.

School Leavers Information Service

The School Leavers Information Service (the Service) is a contact centre where school leavers aged 15 to 24 can ask education, training or work-related questions they may have. Trained NCI Information Officers are on the line ready to help people to:

  • navigate the SLIK
  • access and use the website
  • find relevant support services, if needed.
  • School leavers can also access a free, 45 minute personalised careers guidance session with a qualified career practitioner, where needed.

    There are three ways young people can get in touch with the Service:

  • Call: 1800 CAREER (1800 227 337)
  • Text: SLIS2021 to 0429 009 435
  • Email:
  • If you know a young person who would benefit from the SLIK and the Service, link them to this video which provides a quick explanation.

    For more information, including some great articles about different industries school leavers may like to consider, visit



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