Federal Election 2022

Politicians need to focus on issues that matter to schools and their communities

The Australian school system is concentrating more students from disadvantaged backgrounds into similar schools, with serious implications for student achievement.

The Gonski Institute says schools in Australia are more regressive, divided and socially segregated than in most other rich countries with the Australian school system increasingly concentrating disadvantaged and advantaged students in separate schools.

Educational inequity in Australia takes many forms and is a problem because it stunts the potential of young people. Inequity between students from different social backgrounds already exist when they start primary school, and these inequities only increase as students’ progress through the education system.

Inequity of educational opportunities and experiences are a result of socially segregated schools. Australia currently has one of the largest resource gaps between advantaged and disadvantaged schools in the OECD. Australia has the largest gap in the shortage of teachers between disadvantaged and advantaged schools among all OECD countries.[1]

Disadvantaged schools in Australia also have far fewer educational materials (books, facilities, laboratories) than high SES schools. This gap is the third largest in the OECD, with only Chile and Turkey showing larger inequalities between schools.

Australia must provide more resources for government schools if the large achievement gaps are to be reduced.

As our political leaders’ and party candidates prepare for this Federal election, they can choose and enact educational policies that support and build the government education system, a system that supports a strong democratic society or turn their backs on millions of young Australians and their families.

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Authorised: Di Giblin CEO ACSSO (2 Greenbank Drive Werrington Downs NSW 2474)

[1] https://saveourschools.com.au/equity-in-education/...

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