Parents Make the World of Difference

With financial assistance from the Department of Education, Employment & Workplace Relations, the original English version of Literacy: Parents Make the World of Difference has recently been made available in ten community languages.

The leaflet shows parents how they can play a vital role in supporting their child’s literacy development by doing simple, everyday things within the family and home. It demystifies the process of literacy development for parents and encourages partnerships between home and school. This is of particular importance for educationally disadvantaged students, including those from non-English speaking backgrounds.

Originally produced in English, the leaflet has proved to be a valuable tool in assisting parents of young children understand the important role they can play in the literacy development of their child. This important information is now being made available to parents from non-English speaking backgrounds to assist their children. Assisting these students to improve their standards of literacy is a key priority of the Commonwealth Government.”

The leaflets are available in the following languages:

The leaflets have been produced collaboratively by the Australian Council of State School Organisations (ACSSO), which represents parents with children in government schools, and the Australian Parents’ Council (APC), which represents parents with children in non-government schools.