Get the facts: How might your child's data be used online 


Safely navigating social media: Think U Know


Part of any parenting role is giving our children a sense of self and the confidence and skills to manage situations that may not always be in our control. With the growing use of a variety of social media platforms it is a constant challenge to keep up with new developments. The long established ThinkUKnow programme offers a website full of information, and the opportunity to book a presentation for your school community to learn first-hand as to how your family can safely negotiate the challenges that social media can present. 

Protecting children and youth online presentation


Online safety videos

Internet Safety for Kids - Guide for Parents

"Parenting now is a whole different ballgame. Some of the most insidious, intrusive, harmful entities live on the inside of that door - and in the case of cell phones (which our kids are using younger and younger every year), right in our children's hands.

What's a parent to do? Cyber technology is hardly optional anymore - in fact, in 2015 the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) went so far as to classify the Internet as a utility, like electricity and water, as opposed to a luxury".


Words can hurt, Words can be changed: Reword App launched


Reword - a new online anti-bullying tool that works as a plug in app in a similar way to spellcheck across a range of devices and platforms. It gives a real-time prompt, with a red line, that allows the user to reconsider their choice words or phrases that might give cause for concern - and to inform their future usage. Read the media release for more information or Download app