2013 Gonski campaign launches 

Today (03-02-13), in Brisbane, the Australian Council of State School Organisations (ACSSO) will join with their colleagues from the Australian Education Union and the Queensland Teachers Union in launching the 2013 Gonski Campaign.

“We are now at the critical point in the campaign where parents, teachers, school staff and community across our nation need to work together to make our voices heard.” ACSSO President, Peter Garrigan said this morning.

“It’s time again to pick up the pen, write the email, make the phone call to your local MP and members of both the government and opposition leadership and be active in having our voice heard. Decisions that affect the funding of education for every school across our nation will be decided in the next 10-12 weeks. It is crucial that we all act now.”

The results from the Auspoll survey commissioned by the AEU shows that almost 90% of people support an agreement on the funding between the Federal and state and territory governments. It also revealed that over 85% believe that this is an urgent matter.

An overwhelming majority of people in NSW, Qld and Victoria are horrified by the cuts in public education by their respective State Premier.

“We have an opportunity to make significant reform to how we resource our schools - enabling them to make a difference for our young people and for our nation’s future.

“We call on the Prime Minister, the Chief Ministers and State Premiers to show true leadership in reaching an agreement and change the way we fund schools. If we are to improve education for our children, then they must act as a matter of urgency”


CONTACT: Peter Garrigan - 0419986547