Has student voice been taken too far?

A recent article published in the Daily Telegraph has reported of accusations about a NSW school transforming its nine-year-old students into political activists, having them launch a petition against child refugees in detention.

Whilst the NSW Department of Education promotes Student voice and writes Engaged Students = Active Learners.'Giving students a voice is not simply about the opportunity to communicate ideas and opinions; it is about having the power to influence change.' (NSW DET, 2016). This stance is clearly aimed at student voice opportunities to become active participants in their education.

So is this just a case of students learning to use their voice and having the power to influence change or has student voice been take out of context and gone too far, encouraging young children to become political activists.



What are your thoughts on a Fair Simple and Transparent funding system for our schools?

There has been much talk in the media of late on the   topic of school funding. ACSSO's President Phillip Spratt has highlighted in recent media interviews that Australian students deserve and require and funding system that is "Fair, Simple and Transparent (FST). Coming up to the Federal Election ACSSO would like to know your thoughts on Australia's current complex funding model and seek your input into a "Fair Simple and Transparent" funding model for the future. Please let us know your thoughts.